Sales and Marketing in the digital Era.

We have a special treat for you today on this post. We are interviewing our good friends at Garage Door OKC on what they feel is their best techniques for sales and marketing in this new digital era. When we sat down with Gerry and talked about his Landscaping Empire. He explained that He was as busy as could be due to the epic marketing campaign that he has CJI Consulting Of OKC running for them at full steam ahead. They have our company on a fast track campaign that is pulling in new leads and jobs that are paying well for us. We would not have been as successful this year if it was not for them. We are truly grateful in being introduced to their team and couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Our marketing before we came across these guys was just a disaster. Now website, No Sales funnels that were performing and no money coming as a result. The bad part was I was paying for crappy service and didn’t realize,” stated Gerry Melton.

It’s not every day that you run across a company that has ethics and value built into their core values as CJI Consulting does. They came up with a great new website that has everything on it that makes our phone ring. From the call to action and fluid design layout. We have a ton of new clients calling us Daily that are finding us due to CJI COnsultings intelligent efforts. Not only are the clients calling but also are turning into sales. We have seen a 8% growth in Business month over month with these amazing services that they are providing us.

The company is great due to the fact that they are able to actually show us reports that are in real time and explain what is that is being done and how we stand in the eyes of almighty Google.

Our Facebook page is completely monitored by their staff and makes our jobs easy so we have to do nothing but our jobs. We love that concept. We don’t know the first thing about marketing and we are lost without these guys and gals now. There is a great sense of Honesty and Stand up service on their end. With all the hoopla on the internet today, it is hard to stand out and look appealing to your clients that are wanting your services. CJI has gone above and beyond for us and gotten us the exposure we need to dominate our niche.

We are actually talking to them at this moment about getting a new landing page to hone in on direct marketing to our clients through strategically placed ads and techniques that are pretty new to the market. We shall see what new tricks they pull out of their sleeves and wow us again.

Well, Kids, that’s What’s up in the digital marketing arena. Gerry has found a great company to help him on his journey. Great to hear success stories. Stay tuned and we’ll catch you next time.


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